Mayor & Administration

Under the City of Rahway’s form of government, all executive and administrative authority is vested in the office of the Mayor who appoints the Business Administrator and department directors.

The Business Administrator is responsible for the development of the Mayor’s annual budget, the administration of the city’s personnel system, and the supervision of the management of the city’s departments. This form of government gives citizens a centralized line of authority for the efficient management of the city’s business.

The Mayor and his administration work closely with various city boards and agencies to ensure that the long-term goals of all the public agencies are working to serve the interests of all citizens.

Residents having questions or concerns about the City government are encouraged to contact the administrative offices for assistance.

The Rahway Review is published by the Office of Administration of the City of Rahway. Its purpose is to keep the citizens informed of important programs and events that the administration has developed in an effort to improve the quality of life in Rahway. View past Rahway Review issues.

View the List of Mayors of the City of Rahway and their terms of office.