Fire Prevention Bureau

The Fire Prevention Bureau is charged with inspecting all premises, except owner-occupied detached one and two-family structures used exclusively for dwelling purposes. The buildings are brought into compliance with NJ. Uniform Fire Code. These regulations are used to ensure that new and existing buildings are maintained in a fire-safe condition.

In addition to general inspections, there are numerous specific areas where inspections are also required. These include:

  • Buildings and uses licensed by the N.J. Department of Community Affairs, Bureau of Fire Safety as a life hazard use are inspected by the Fire Department usually on a yearly cycle.
  • Rahway schools and public buildings are also inspected.
  • Single-family residences are inspected when a certificate of smoke detector compliance is requested accompanying the sale of the property.
  • Many of our businesses require operating permits issued by the Fire Department and are inspected yearly.
  • Multiple dwellings, consisting of three or more units are inspected under agreement with the New Jersey DCA on a five-year cycle.
  • Local rooming and boarding houses are inspected yearly.
  • A certificate of occupancy is required for change in ownership, or in many cases, a change in tenancy. A fire safety inspection is also required.
  • Building demolitions also require the permission of the Fire Department.
  • Fire safety inspections of buildings can be initiated through complaints from the public, by firefighter complaints, or at the request of the owner.

All complaints are handled in confidence. If you see a problem or unsafe condition, please call an inspector at 732-827-2133.