Active Annual Food Truck Licenses

The following food trucks have been inspected and approved by the Municipal Health Department and Fire Department and had their owners and operators cleared to operate throughout the year in the City of Rahway. Booking any of these vendors will not require a Special Event Permit.
Business Name Contact Person Phone Number Email Website
Danny's Soft Serve Dionisios Vasiliadis 347-331-3465
Flavor King Saleem Nurallah 908-943-3850
Maria's Food Truck Maria M. Coronado Mendoza 908-397-8631

Munces Hot Dogs Stuart Burnett 732-672-7046    
Rod's Fish and Chips Rozenna Davion 908-400-2266

Licenses expire on January 15th or the first regular business day thereafter. Licenses are issued on a first-come, first serve basis, based on when the applicant has been reviewed by the Police Department, Health, and Fire Department. 

Submittal for the following year begins at the end of November. Please view the Annual Food Truck Packet here.