Are any smoke alarms not recommended?

Smoke detector recall – 120,000 purchased units are affected

Six brands of battery-operated smoke detectors are being recalled because they may not sound in the event of a fire.  The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) is urging anyone who purchased a battery-operated smoke detector on or after July 10, 1992, to check the unit immediately to see if it is involved in this recall.  The brands and models affected are:

FirmBrandModelDate Code
Black & Decker                                                
 Slim Line     
SMK100, SMK200, SMK300
9228 to 9246
Jameson Home Products Inc.
 Code 1 2000
 Model A, C & D  
 92192 to 92231
Walter Kidde Portable Equipment.
Kidde Smoke KSA700
 92192 to 92231
Fire Alarm

 92192 to 92231
Safety First
 Baby’s Room
  92192 to 92231
Smoke & Fire Alarm

 Safety’s Sake 
 Model A92192 to 92231
Maple Chase
Model A & B   
    92192 to 92231

To identify an affected detector, examine the label on the back of the unit for the model and date codes listed above. The aforementioned is courtesy of NFPA Fire News – Feb./Mar. 1993, Issue 793.

3.5 million smoke detectors were recalled. The Consumer Product Safety Commission has announced the recall of 3.5 million smoke detectors whose alarms may fail to sound in a fire. The electrically powered smoke detectors, manufactured from October 1987 to March 1990 by BRK Electronics of Aurora, Ill., were marketed under the brand names of BRK, First Alert, and Family Gard.  None of the company’s battery-operated detectors are being recalled, the commission said. The commission said BRK had not received any reports of incidents or injuries associated with alarm failure.  The commission warned that, because the detectors are wired into a building’s electrical system, consumers should not attempt to remove or replace a recalled detector before speaking to a BRK representative.

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