Social Justice Commission


  • 7:00 pm
  • 4th Monday of every month
  • Rahway Recreation Center

These meetings are open to the public.  Any matters under the jurisdiction of the Board may be discussed, decided and action may be taken. Meeting agendas and all application documents are available on the City’s website. If you are unable to access these documents online you will need to schedule an appointment with the Board Secretary who can be contacted at (732) 388-3616 or email


  • Najah Allen
  • Karla Alvarez (Alternate Member)
  • Kiana Amaya
  • Samantha Harries (Vice Chair)
  • Kenneth Houston (Alternate Member)
  • Rev. Dr. Marti Robinson (Chair)
  • Jessie Wilson


The Rahway Social Justice Commission was unanimously adopted as a local ordinance by the Rahway City Council at the August Council Meeting.  The primary focus of the Commission is to make real and vibrant commitments to the social justice dialogue within the City of Rahway and it may review policies, structures, and institutions to assure they work on behalf of the common good and deepen the awareness of social justice values. It is envisioned the Commission will foster and enhance social equality based on actions utilizing four (4) “pillars”. These pillars consist of:

  • Rights – Equal effective legal, industrial, and political rights
  • Equity – Overcoming unfairness caused by unequal access to economic resources and power
  • Access – Greater equality to access goods and services
  • Participation – Expanded opportunities for real participation in the decisions which govern lives


To empower a community of diversity, equity, fairness, inclusion and respect for all persons within the City of Rahway.

To advise and advocate on social, economic, educational, environmental, health, political issues and events which lead to the promotion of harmony & unity within the City of Rahway.

To monitor and prevent all forms of extremism, violence, and intolerance within the City of Rahway.


The Commission will find & implement strategic ways to bring people together within the City of Rahway to effect change, that begins with conversation and action.

The Commission will raise awareness, generate transformative ideas, develop solutions which result in equitable opportunities and effective outcomes for all persons within the City of Rahway.

The Commission will advocate & advise the Rahway City Council in creating avenues for changes in polices, structures, and institutions to make sure they work on behalf of the common good and bring about social justice for all persons within the City of Rahway.